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The Llywelyn House  -  House Captain Hugo

In the year 1400 Owain Glyndwr began a struggle to gain Welsh independence that was to last 16 years. He fought a battle against Henry VII’s army and won; marching victoriously into south Wales. Henry led a big army into the area to try and capture Owain. Henry arrived in Llandovery and tried to pressure a local landowner, Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Fychan into telling him where Owain’s base was. Llywelyn led Henry in the opposite direction giving Owain the chance to escape to Gwynedd. By leading the English king in the wrong direction Llywelyn knew what lay instore for him but he was prepared to sacrifice himself so that his country could carry on the struggle. Llywelyn was tortured until he eventually died. Llywelyn was brave, loyal, proud, heroic and inspirational – these are the qualities that all Llywelyn house members should aim for.

I am Hugo and have the honour of being Captain of Llywelyn this year. My favourite hobby is football, (I support Arsenal) and my favourite subjects at school are Geography and Maths.  I live on a farm with lots of animals, including peacocks, pigs, horses, guinea fowl, quail, turkeys and lots and lots of dogs of different shapes and sizes.

I hope that this year, everyone in Llywelyn will uphold the following values:

Team spirit, respect for others, positive thinking and hard work both in the classroom and on the playing fields. 

I have confidence that I can help Llywelyn maintain the heights of the previous years of excellence.

Hopefully ‘Our House’ won’t be as mad as Madness!! (joke)

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