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We are often asked questions about the financial side of College life that we hope you will find answers for, below. If you do not find what you're looking for here, please call the Bursary team on +44(0)1550 723044 or email accounts@llandoverycollege.com

Q.   Why do I have to pay a registration fee? What is it used for?
A.   Naturally, we receive a vast number of enquiries for places at Llandovery College. In order to understand whether Llandovery College is the right school for a child, we conduct an assessment. In Gollop Prep, this involves a 1/2 day at the prep school where they will be given informal standard testing as well as getting to know the school. In the senior school, depending upon the year of entry, this will involve entrance exams, collection of references and/or assessment of reports and exam results. This does of course involve a significant amount of staff time and, in line with most independent schools, we ask for a nominal registration fee to cover costs and also to signal your clear intent to send your child to Llandovery College. This fee is non-refundable.

Q.   What do the school fees include?
A.   Fees include alll food; board and laundry (if for a boarding place), certain activities including sports and most importantly academic tuition. Fees do not include extras such as optional school trips and activities, buses, swimming, horse riding, transport to sports training from organisations outside of Llandovery College, tuck, extra peripatetic music lessons, uniform and transport to airports and such like.

Q.   What will I be charged for the school bus?
A.   We have recently overhauled the cost of our heavily subsidised buses.  In the future it will be based on zones.  These new fee structures are being ratified by our Board of Trustees and new costs will be posted when this process is complete.

Q.   Why do I have to pay an acceptance deposit?
A.   When you accept a place on behalf of your child, we require a small deposit to cover administrative costs. Provided that all bills are paid in full when your child leaves Llandovery College, this deposit is refunded to you.

Q.   How much should I budget for extras each term?
A.   This really is up to you and depends upon whether your child is a boarder. All trips and activities are optional and there is no obligation to join, and no stigma if you do not. We try to keep the cost of most optional weekend activities below £5 per student. Some families set a weekly or monthly budget for extra food (though the College provides three good meals a day for boarders, plus snacks at tea and break!) You may wish your child to take part in expeditions to exotic locations or you may not. If you would like your child to have music lessons, budget £28 per lesson - lessons are usually weekly.

Q.   What should I budget for uniform?
A..   At Llandovery College we encourage pride in appearance and enforce strict but sensible uniform rules. We are also mindful of the cost however and so have introduced measures including a blazer that is not only cheaper but more environmentally friendly. Each summer the Parents' Association runs a second-hand uniform shop that can reduce your costs considerably; and many items do not need to be purchased from the school shop. Click here for current uniform lists - we suggest allowing £300-£400 for a full, new uniform per child.

Q.   When are fees due?
A.   Fees are due one term in advance on or before the first day of term. We also have direct debit and advance payment plan schemes in place, and are in the process of introducing a monthly payment scheme, please telephone +44 (0)1550 723044 or e-mail accounts@llandoverycollege.com for details.