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In Years 12 and 13, many students choose to board with us. In fact, more than 77% of all the 17 and 18 year-olds typically also live at Llandovery College. Boarding allows Sixth Formers to concentrate more time and effort on their studies with less time spent travelling, to enjoy the social and cultural life of the College community to the fullest and to take advantage of the excellent facilities exclusive to the Sixth Form. Day pupils are just as valued and welcomed, though many choose to board for at least a few nights a week. Boarding means that the similarity to University life is even greater and the transition sometimes easier.

Sixth Form boys are housed in Cadog and Ddewi houses, whilst the Sixth Form girls are housed in either Teilo or Llanover. Recognising the growing independence and maturity of these young people, most accommodation is in single or double rooms. Here, Sixth Formers act as role models for younger boarders, and enjoy greater freedoms than those further down the school. These freedoms can be enjoyed within a safe, structured environment. Your child will be fortunate to be living in a beautiful campus in a remarkable friendly, crime and traffic free market town. Far from the pressures and distractions of city life, Sixth Formers enjoy town leave and outdoor pursuits that enhance, rather than detract from, their overall learning experience.