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There are five boarding houses at Llandovery College, catering for different age ranges. We welcome boarders from Year 4 through to the Sixth Form, with weekly and occasional boarding available at reasonable rates.
Each house has its own unique character, with a team of support staff led by housemasters/mistresses. Housemasters/mistresses live in and are, in every house, a teacher and their family. This provides stability, both male and female role models and a family environment where your child will feel secure. Friendships made here often last for life. Your child's happiness, safety and security are paramount.
The Houses are:
Llandingat - for our younger boarders (boys and girls) Years 4 - 9
Teilo - for boys (Year 10) and girls (Year 10 -13) in seperate areas
Cadog - for boys (Year 11 - 13)
Ddewi - for boys (Year 12 - 13)
Llanofer - for girls (Year 12 - 13)
Boarders have 24-hour adult care with a medical staff, laundry, cleaning, supervised homework times and meals in the Great Hall. Each house also has a kitchen so pupils can prepare those all-important top up snacks!
Children who are stimulated with a full range of activities are happy children, with little time for homesickness or boredom. Our after school and weekend programme is therefore rich and varied with excursions, clubs, sports and more. A weekend may see your child going surfing, playing football, walking in the mountains or watching a theatre production.