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Llandovery College welcomes international students as boarders from years 4 to 13. No single nationality dominates our overseas student cohort. The College deliberately remains a British boarding school where your child will be immersed in the English language and British culture, and where the ethos of a British boarding education is enriched rather than diluted. Our approach is global and our aim is to give your child, whatever their nationality and cultural background, the widest opportunities for higher education and a career in business anywhere in the world.

Llandovery College is internationally respected as a first-class school. Situated in beautiful, safe surrounds away from the distractions of city life, we are fortunate to attract students from a wonderfully cosmopolitan mix of cultures and backgrounds. Our 160-year-old school has a strong academic record, an excellent reputation for sports, music and the arts plus a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. Each child contributes to the cultural and spiritual enrichment of our community.

Students from different countries are welcome to join us at any stage of their educational journey as long as this does not compromise their academic progress. Our largest intakes are at Year 12, Year 10 and Year 7 and only in exceptional circumstances do we accept students in Year 11 or 13.

As a family, you will be looking for an independent school that offers a truly immersive experience; not an international school. You will want a school that is predominantly British, without any enclaves of certain nationalities. We therefore cap our international students to no more than 13% of the whole-school population, with any one country contributing no more than 6% of Llandovery College students. In recent years, we have had students joining us from Poland, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, South Africa, Spain, Ukraine, Hong Kong and beyond.

For some, coming to Llandovery College for one term initially is the ideal way to experience British school life, brush up English skills and continue to pursue academic excellence. We do therefore accept applicants for one term if space allows - in our experience, many choose to stay on!

All students, even those at 16+, must have a nominated Guardian who lives in the UK. They act in loco parentis during half terms and exeat weekends when the student may have to leave the College, liaise with parents, help organise transport to and from airports working with the College, and are an emergency contact close at hand should illness or accident occur. We, or your agent, can advise on suitable guardians.
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One of the many reasons that students choose to come to us is to gain excellence in English language, enabling them to go on to the university of their choice worldwide and to be prepared for the global commercial community. We have a dedicated International Welfare Officer who also runs our English as an Additional Language department providing individual and small-group tuition.

We are sensitive to the challenges of living and studying abroad and never underestimate the trust that you as parents put in us. Llandovery College provides high levels of pastoral care to ensure that your child is happily integrated into a British boarding school community. English as an Additional Language is studied in all year groups, with support tailored to the needs of each pupil. With an International Welfare Officer dedicated to the support of those coming to us from overseas, we take care of the practicalities; from transport to bank accounts, holiday arrangements, liaison with guardians, bank accounts, applying to university and even pocket money.

 As soon as you decide to join us, we will walk you through the process of getting to and starting at Llandovery College with visa support, packing lists, transport arrangements and much more. Our aim is to make your joining us smooth and simple, allowing you to enjoy this exciting new step in your educational journey.