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Living and studying far from home is a real adventure which naturally brings its own challenges. We work hard with all our international students to ensure they are happy, well integrated and academically challenged here at Llandovery College.

In line with legislation and best practice in boarding schools we require that every student whose family is resident overseas, no matter what their age, has a nominated Guardian who lives in Britain. This could be a family friend, relative or professional guardian.

The guardian signs an agreement which ensures that they will act in loco parentis. This is particularly important in the event of accident or serious illness; you as parents may be many hours away and we need someone trusted who can take decisions and responsibility in such circumstances. 

Each term we also have Exeat weekends and half term holidays when our international students need care outside of the school. Many may choose to stay with their new-found friends and some may return home. In exceptional circumstances the College can make arrangements for these students to stay at school but there may be an extra charge as the school is shut at these times and extra staffing will be required. A Guardian is the perfect solution, able to provide a home-from-home and help arrange transportation.

A good guardian will act as a liaison point between the school and you as parents, particularly when English is not your first language. They are welcomed at parents evenings and other social and formal events and can feedback to you on the progress of your child.

Whilst Llandovery College does not appoint guardians we do have a list of those who have been particularly successful with our many international students in the past. We do not recommend one particular company but can put you in touch with firms that can help. With any queries, please do not hesitate to email admissions@llandoverycollege.com, discuss this with your Agent or call 44 1550 723005.