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This Section will be developed further over the coming months, however for parents and current year 12 pupils:

The UCAS TV site provides helpful advice on how to use Clearing, Adjustment and general application. Pupils can access this site on www.ucas.tv

UCAS also run a bespoke section for parents of students going into higher education: www.ucas.com/parents .  The following link takes you directly to a downloadable guide for parents http://www.ucas.com/documents/ucasguides/parentguide2012.pdf   A map showing the location of UK universities can be downloaded at http://www.ucas.com/documents/ucasguides/bigmap2012.pdf

Information on UCAS Clearing etc is available by clicking here.

A very useful interactive guide to higher education can be found on The Times website: www.thetimes.co.uk/gooduniversityguide

A video guide to fees and the help available is available at: