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The Eco Club has gone from strength to strength, and I think that we can safely say that we have had a successful first year – this time last year we had just built 3 large raised beds, and yet we had a successful first harvest over the summer – carrots, potatoes, beetroot, sweetcorn, radish – all given to on site staff in return for seeds, tools and promises of help for next year.  A very cold and wet winter brought home to us though, the need for planning the plot properly for next year, as we had weeks of nothing, then gluts of food!  We have yet more plans in the pipeline for the coming months; building a compost area for next year, and perhaps a cold frame to protect young plants and also some fruit trees and herb plants for one of the beds as a more permanent fixture….watch this space.

In March, the Eco-club had yet more encouragement, receiving a visit from “The Size Of Wales” charity and HRH Prince Charles who, with help from the Eco-Club, planted a tree to mark our commitment to the charity.

HRH planting a tree for Eco Club

Most notably we have all seen a wide variety of birds, wildlife and insects – very encouraging!  The native wild flower bed was hugely successful at attracting bumblebees and other beneficial insects, which in turn, encouraged hedgehogs, slow worms, birds and toads – exciting stuff in amongst our College’s beautifully manicured lawns and flower beds! 

When the weather turned considerably colder and darker, we turned our thoughts from digging and planting to the national “Eco Schools” award.  It would be lovely to have a coveted green flag flying in the school grounds to show our awareness and motivation in this area over the next couple of years, but this is, of course, a slow process.  We have recently undertaken a review of the school, and the club have lots of ideas for simple ways we can improve our Eco awareness across the school site.  Pupils are taking responsibility for moving towards our first Bronze award, and they have shown a fantastic amount of interest and hard work since the garden has begun.