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Head of Department: Miss T Rankin

Courses offered:
A Level:    Art; Photography

Our ethos:
The Art Department has continued its programme of growth, broadening possibilities and opportunities within the subject. The dedicated Sixth Form space has allowed fine artists to spread their wings and work on large-scale canvas work, while savouring a ‘foundation-styled’ atmosphere. The iMacs have really helped our photography students to get to grips with the school’s graphic software. We are developing a dedicated I.T. room with another eight machines, along with a smart board and soft box lighting,  which will increase our range of specialist areas still further.

A selection of the outstanding AS level art work produced by students is shown in the gallery below.

A level Art and Photography has continued to go from strength to strength and we look forward to exhibiting the result of our successes around the College so that students and visitors alike can marvel at the level of maturity and confidence which is inherent in the work of our pupils. At A Level, students have the opportunity to take not only art but photography. In the case of the latter, students will in most cases be embarking on something entirely new, and need to be aware that there is much more to the subject than merely taking photographs; research into the work of recognised photographers, the ability to analyse images and the technical skills required to take and process good photographs are some of the more important aspects involved. That said, like art, the course is hugely enjoyable and interesting.

A selection of the Photography AS level images produced by students are shown in the gallery below.

What they say about us:

‘Being an A Level art student at Llandovery College is great because you have the freedom of your own space in the art room and there is a very positive atmosphere’ -  Y13 student

‘The best thing about A level Art at Llandovery College is the independence you get along with the fun and happy atmosphere from your classmates. The support and help is fantastic and friendly’ - Y13 student

‘Photography is a very practical subject which I really enjoy. I like going out taking photographs and then developing them in the darkroom.’  - Y13 student