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Music lessons will be charged at a rate of £14.00 per half-hour session for the forthcoming
academic year.
Pupils will be informed of lesson times in advance and are expected to arrive promptly at
lessons with their music and, where appropriate, their instrument for every lesson
scheduled for them. Younger pupils will be collected by the peripatetic teacher.
Pupils also have a responsibility to practise regularly between lessons.
Fifteen minutes a day can be considered the minimum up to grade 3 standard, with
thirty minutes for grades 4 & 5, and forty-five minutes to an hour above that level.
Peripatetic teachers are informed through briefing notes of class trips etc.
Parents must inform visiting staff (through the main reception) of any planned absence
one week in advance. If such an absence is the result of a school trip, staff will do their
best to make up such lessons, but this is not always guaranteed. There are no other
circumstances of pupil absence in which lessons will be made up.

Please click here to download the Music Tuition Agreement Form.