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Head of Department: Mr M Carragher B.Sc. (Hons), M.Phil., PGCE

Teacher of Economics: Mr N Thomas, BA

Teacher of Economics & Business Studies: Mr. T. Jones MEd, BEd

Courses offered:

GCSE Business Studies

A Level Business Studies

A Level Economics

Young Enterprise (Certificate in Enterprise)


Business Studies at Llandovery

Business Studies is a vibrant and popular subject at Llandovery College. Our primary aim is to inspire, empower and challenge the future entrepreneurs of Wales. The subject offers progression from GCSE to A/S and A Level and is a highly desirable stepping stone to further and higher education.

The subject offers the opportunity for students at all levels to fully immerse themselves in the knowledge and skills required for running a business i.e. from marketing to financial management.

Classes are small and the subject is taught in a fully resourced purpose-built teaching complex. Course materials are up to date and matched to the needs of the pupils. Highly experienced teacher practitioners (who also have experience beyond the classroom in business) enthuse the subject discipline and deliver its themes creatively with the students learning styles in mind.  

As a part of bringing the subject to life at GCSE level, pupils have a chance to turn theory into practice and run businesses through the Young Enterprise programme.  Students at this level are also involved in enterprise activities such as the 'Make your mark – Top Banana' challenge.

At A Level, students have the opportunity to take part in both the nationally recognised student investor Pro-share challenge and the Institute of Direct Marketing challenge respectively. 

Economics at Llandovery

Economics is 'relevant' and provides you with the knowledge and insight necessary to understand the impact of developments in business, society and the world economy. It enables you to understand the decisions of households, firms and governments based on human behaviour, beliefs, structure, constraints and need.

We all make economic decisions every day of our lives, and economics can help to improve our decision making. Economics offers a way of thinking about the world that enables us to make the best of what we have.

As an extra-curricular activity and enhancement to the subject , we offer the chance to be involved in the Bank of England Target 2.0 , a nationally- recognised competition.

 Young Enterprise at Llandovery

Joining a Young Enterprise Company in year 10 provides pupils with the opportunity to learn about the realities of the business world, test their own ideas, skills and ability to cope with new and often difficult situations. It certainly assists when making the right career decisions.

The Company operates for a year during which time it establishes itself promoting and selling a product or service of its own choosing. After raising capital, to help pay a Company Registration Fee and Insurance, and opening a Company Bank Account, the company is launched.

The group decides who will be recruited for the various positions in the Company; the great challenge is to work as a team because within any group it is essential to have people with different skills and personalities.

A formal recognition of skills is offered via nationally accepted vocational examinations taken annually in March. At the end of the year the company is formally liquidated and presents a report and accounts to investors.