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Head of Department : Mr  Paul Spowage, BEd.(Hons)

Courses offered:

Year 7 – A2:  Design Technology Resistant Materials

(All examination course specifications are WJEC)

Our ethos:

Design Technology provides pupils with the opportunity to work in a range of different materials and use a range of manufacturing techniques and processes. Pupils are able to work on exciting projects such as making vacuum formed chocolate moulds,  enamelled jewellery, casting pewter and designing and making clocks using a range of materials

The department is housed in two separate buildings and offers three interlinked teaching rooms. The design room is in a building known as the Old Forge and, as the name suggests, it is a traditionally stone-built building with exposed wooden oak beams in the roof. This room houses design benching and is the area where students, supported by an ICT school network lap top system, are allowed to express their creative design work. Pupils produce a wide range of artefacts and products which reflect their interests and abilities.

All pupils in Y7 through to Y9 have the opportunity to work in a range of resistant materials using the two workshops that house a range of cutting and manufacturing tools including CNC manufacturing machinery.

The subject becomes a popular option choice from Y10 and above and the department has won a number of Young Innovation Awards for work produced at examination level at both GCSE and A Level.

Pupils have the opportunity to work on their project work during co-curricular time, weekends and holiday periods and are supported in their work by two very experienced Resistant Materials teachers.