Llandovery College
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French Welsh Spanish


Head of Department: Mrs L Burgess-Williams

Courses offered:

French, Spanish , Mandarin  - weekly classes to Prep School pupils

French, Welsh, Mandarin Chinese (core part of curriculum years 7-9)

Spanish (from year 8)

GCSE in French, Spanish, Welsh, Mandarin

AS and A2 in French, Spanish, Welsh, Mandarin

Our ethos:

This is a vibrant department where pupils are taught in both the target language and via the medium of English. A vast range of electronic resources are used to support learning. Language lessons are complemented by various foreign trips and a European project has been submitted to gain funding for work with other schools in Europe and beyond.

Numbers of students studying French and Spanish to A Level are rising. We are confident about offering Welsh at A Level too next year, subject to demand.  This is a course is highly regarded by Universities as it is academically rigorous and teaches young people to construct informed arguments on a range of issues, and communicate at a high level.  Many universities require evidence of success in a foreign language.

What they say about us:

 “The courses I follow are interesting – I study both Spanish and French. It is fascinating to see the links between the languages” - Y11 pupil