Llandovery College
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Director of Sport: Miss C Flowers, BA(Hons), PGCE        

Teaching Staff:    Mr S Thurgood, BSc (Hons)

Director of Rugby: Mr I. Thomas


Courses offered:   

Years 7-9: 2 P.E. lessons per week plus 3 afternoons and fixtures

GCSE:        OCR P.E.

A Level:     AS and A2 OCR P.E.

Our ethos:

The philosophy of the PE and Games department is to achieve maximum sporting potential and enjoyment from games. This can culminate in the highest international sporting honours or simply a lifelong love of sporting activity within a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Within Key Stage 3 all pupils are exposed to a variety of sports and activities including athletics, gymnastics, badminton, basketball, cross country, swimming and health-related fitness. Games activities include rugby, hockey, netball, cricket, tennis, rounders and football.

In key stage 4 the focus moves on to GCSE PE. Pupils learn about the human body in action, factors affecting participation and performance in sport, the importance of risk assessment and the treatment of sporting injuries.

At A Level the course is a popular option with an in-depth continuation of skills acquired at GCSE. These areas include anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, acquiring movement skills, contemporary issues, history of sport and psychology. There is also a focus on the improvement of two chosen practical areas.

The department is justifiably proud of its sporting reputation. The College fields teams across all age groups in the main team games of rugby, hockey, netball and cricket with competitive fixture cards. However, we like to think that if pupils play it then we will provide it – from golf to equestrianism and fencing to triathlon!