Llandovery College
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Head of Department: Mrs S Williams BA (Hons)

Courses offered:

Religious Studies (core part of curriculum years 7-9)

GCSE in Religious Studies

AS and A2 in Philosophy & Ethics

Our ethos:

This is a vibrant department where pupils are taught in a non-confessional manner about the various beliefs and rituals of the major world faiths. They then make evaluative judgements based on fact rather than myth or prejudice. We are certainly not in the business of forcing any particular belief upon them!

A rapidly increasing number of students now study Philosophy and Ethics to A Level. This is a course which is highly regarded by Universities as it is academically rigorous and teaches young people to construct informed arguments on a range of issues, including such things as abortion and environmental ethics.

What the say about us:

“It gives you a chance to express your own views – not many subjects do that” - Y12 student

“The things that we study like relationships are useful in real life” - Y10 pupil