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In Year 4, children are expected to take responsibility for their own equipment, making sure they have what they need on the correct day, e.g. musical instruments, PE kit. Pupils receive set prep work to do at home on a weekly basis, as well as reading and spelling practice.

The children are encouraged to develop a quiet and sensible work ethos as a greater level of independent learning is introduced. It is also important that pupils are happy, courteous and considerate of others. All of this contributes positively to pupils’ increasing self-confidence and the ability to be proud of their work.

Maths – The Heinemann scheme for Mathematics is used as the foundation in which to provide a stimulating and challenging curriculum that can be accessed by pupils of all abilities. There is a firm emphasis on mental maths agility and development is achieved through a diverse range of teaching styles and progress is partly measured via a weekly mental maths test. Pupils are required to use their mathematical skills across the curriculum.

English- Year 4 will work from the CGP Scheme where all the building blocks and subtle conventions of English are covered and they will also do creative writing and poetry.  Through careful cross curriculum planning, pupils will be challenged to use the skills garnered in English lessons across all subjects.

There will be a weekly spelling test along with a class novel which will be read by the class teacher and opportunities for them to also have a weekly session of independent reading. It is expected that each individual pupil will continue to develop a fluent, expressive and confident reading style along with a good understanding of the text. By this stage, pupils should be able to select a wider range of personal reading material, encompassing fiction and information books. Pupils develop their writing skills with continued attention to punctuation and the appreciation of writing for different purposes.

Science-Over the three terms the children will cover areas of Forces, Electricity-Conductors and Insulators, Micro-organisms and our environment. These will all entail the children to plan, carry out and evaluate their own experiments.

Geography- Out topics this year are Volcanoes and Mountains, Deserts and St.Lucia. Children will build on the skills, knowledge and understanding in which they have previously acquired. Geography will develop and stimulate the children’s interests in, and foster a sense of wonder of, places and the world around them; they will consider important issues about their environment and recognise how people from all over the world are linked.

Religious Education- Islam, Holy symbols and Christianity: the Ten Commandments.  

Physical Education- Taught by a specialist teacher. There will also be a weekly session of swimming.

Music – Year four will have one lesson per week taught by Mrs Price, a music specialist.

History-  Aztecs, Pirates and Christopher Columbus.  They will develop their curiosity about the past, the characteristics of different periods, from early times to the present, and the ways in which they are different from each other and from the present. The will engage in stimulating and focused historical enquiry using a wide range of sources.

Welsh & Modern Foreign Language- Year four will be grouped together when having their Welsh lessons. We aim to promote the use of Welsh in and around Llandovery Prep through the use of everyday language. They will also have a weekly session of French.  From within Llandovery Prep, a MFL club will be offered every week where pupils will learn about France, Spain and Wales along with certain language skills.

Art & Design Technology- This year we will be covering Visual language of art and design, Shape/observational drawing and seasonal art.  Children will use a variety of materials and processes and communicate their ideas and feelings through visual, tactile and sensory language. Exploration, appreciation and enjoyment in art and design enrich learners’ personal and public lives. They will be taught to design and make simple products by combining their designing and making skills. They will be encouraged to be creative and innovative in their designing and making while being made aware of issues relating to sustainability and environmental issues.