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The 6th Form is an exhilarating time of transition: the final stage of the school journey. Many scholars and students join us, bringing fresh ideas. As emerging adults, they enjoy more freedom, privilege and responsibility and take on leadership roles within the school.

These can be the most exciting school years, marking a distinct change in styles of learning and living. Bridging the gap between school and university, 6th Form life means greater responsibility for self-organisation  and self-motivated study. Student-teacher relationships become less formal and, in an atmosphere of supportive collaboration and shared ideas, we ensure that your child has the very best chance of individual success.

The AS/A2 curriculum is wide-ranging, designed to ensure a good foundation for further education and future careers. Almost all students go on to their first choice of university. When the time comes for planning next steps, close guidance ensures that each student can make an informed decision, taking into account their abilties, ambitions and personal preferences. While the work is challenging, there is plenty of time set aside to enjoy a range of activities beyond the classroom, many of which are exclusive to the 6th Form. Years 12 and 13 enjoy use of dedicated facilities such as the 6th Form Centre with WiFi, a Costa coffee franchise and recreational area.

We recognise that 6th Formers are young adults, distinct from the rest of the school, and cater for them accordingly. Now, more than ever, good grades alone are not enough. Each young adult can leave the College with a rich range of experiences and valuable additions to their CV - academic, sporting, social and extra-curricular - and the life skills necessary to forge ahead.

We believe that your child will leave Llandovery College as an independent, confident, happy and rounded individual: well equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead in a fast-changing world.