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Llandovery College caters for those with average (or above) ability with mild or moderate dyslexia, dyspraxia or similar. With a number of children needing extra support to varying degrees, there is no differentiation or stigma within our small-school community. Our main aim is the full integration of all students as appropriate, and this hinges upon our unique, whole-school approach.

The College provides excellent, tailored support, giving the individual care and attention that your child may need to thrive. The academic, social and emotional needs of all students are paramount. Small class sizes and a focused approach result in increased confidence and improved skills; our record of academic achievement for those on the learning support register is very good.

The Learning Support team is an integral part of College life and does not operate in isolation. The key to success is close co-operation between all staff and the sensitive and flexible teaching that ensues. The team, under Mrs. Clare Evans, offers support and advice to all teachers on methods to provide a differentiated curriculum.

The team helps pupils from the early years onwards, ensuring timely detection, intervention and continuity for all the prep and senior schools.

We offer specialist teaching in literacy skills to small groups or individuals throughout the school. Students are taught numeracy as needed, and cross-curricular support is in place where necessary. One-to-one lessons are available to those with needs that cannot be met in a group situation for a fee.

Working closely with Educational Psychologists, we work in partnership with you as parents, giving advice and feedback regarding your child’s individual issues and progress; carrying out assessments as needed. IEPS are maintained for every student on the register and annual reviews are carried out for those who have LEA statements. Someone from the team is always willing to discuss your concerns and queries.

Most students have concessions in both internal and external or public examinations. The Head of Learning Support, Mrs. Evans, works in conjunction with the College’s Examinations Officer to ensure that arrangements are approved by the exam boards.