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In Year 12, young adults specialise to a certain degree, but are still able to take 4 (and in some cases possibly 3 or 5) AS levels of their choice. Study becomes more independent in a supportive environment which encourages academic inquiry. Each year, options are designed around the students' own choices and interests, and there may be subjects not listed below available (including one of 5 Classics syllabuses) - according to demand.  Option blocks for the 2014 intake are currently being finalised.  An information booklet outlining the subjects available at Llandovery college can be downloaded here

Pupils for whom English is a Second Language are advised to choose THREE subjects as they will be required to attend ESL lessons.  Other pupils who wish to take 3 or 5 subjects are advised to consult the Director of Studies or the Director of Teaching & Learning.

Both Mathematics and Further Mathematics consist of modules in Pure and Applied Mathematics.


2013/2014 Year 12 Intake Options

Each subject is allocated ten lessons over the two week timetable.

Block A

Block B

Block C

Block D

Block E





 Further Maths  

 Physical Education


 Art & Design


 Design Technology


 Religious Studies


 Welsh 1st & 2nd  Language

 Business Studies



 English Literature