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The OLl Society currently (as at November 2012) has just under 200 subscribers who pay £25 per year and would very much welcome additional subscribers. Your subscription will ensure that you receive a copy of AVETE (the annual school journal), be kept informed of events and provide funds for running the Society including in its important and continuing role of promoting the College as well as supporting its financial projects such as, in recent years, the funding one of the classrooms of the Thomas Phillips Teaching Centre to the tune of £10,000. 

To become a subscriber, please download a form by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page and, after completion, send to the Treasurer at the address on the form.

AVETE and Newsletters are mailed to:

1) OLls who pay an annual subscription of £25

2) OLls under the age of 25, provided they left after A Level, or spent at least five years at the College.

OLl Committee Meetings
The OLl Committee meets three times a year in addition to the AGM.  Please contact the Secretary or the Chairman if you would like to raise any points.

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