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Llandovery College is a registered charity that exists for the education of children from 3 to 18. We are committed to helping children who would benefit from an education at Llandovery College achieve this. Finances are an issue for many families, however we try to explore all routes that make a first-class independent education in Wales achievable.

In cases of financial constraint parents may be offered a Warden’s Grant based on their particular circumstances. Financial details are given in complete confidence to the Bursar who makes a recommendation to the Warden. The process of awarding bursaries is in line with the best practices recommended by the Independent Schools' Bursars Association. In certain circumstances funding arrangements can be made between the College and a number of grant-making bodies to assist parents.

See also Scholarships, available for those who are particularly able in one or more areas. 

The Trustees of Llandovery College have also introduced a means-tested Thomas Phillips Scholarship for the most academically-able Welsh children entering Year 7; this is worth up to 100% of fees for a child's whole senior school education - as a boarder or day pupil. Please click here for more details.

Specific discounts and bursaries:

  • Children of serving members of the Armed Forces may be awarded a Bursary which is calculated in relation to the difference between the Boarding School Allowance and the College fees. We provide very generous discounts to Forces families.
  • 5% siblings allowance is given when two or more children from the same family attend Llandovery College at the same time. Further discounts may be available for three or more children from the same family.
  • Sons and daughters of the clergy from the Province of Wales are eligible for a reduction of up to 1/3 of the fees. A Bishop Prosser Scholarship title is available for candidates from the diocese of St. David’s.


Please contact the bursar for a confidential discussion.