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A range of scholarships are available for families choosing Llandovery College for their senior school education. We are committed to nurturing the best talent and to widening access to our unique Welsh school.  Registered pupils are eligible to sit the entrance exams.

We look for scholars who have all-round potential or proven ability, particularly  those who are very able academically,  in music, drama and sports. Scholarships are currently available for Years 7, 9, 12 and are made at the point of entry. Please click here for details of Sixth Form scholarships.

Scholarships may be awarded for more than one area of ability or potential: a pupil may, for example, receive both a sporting and an academic scholarship. Scholarships and exhibitions are NOT means tested. Exams, aptitude tests, auditions and interviews form the basis of assessment.

Competition for scholarship places is often fierce and we are looking for those who will prove great ambassadors for Llandovery College in all areas of life. Scholars are expected to contribute far beyond the norm - academically, on school councils, house meetings and forums, in sports and/or to our rich musical and dramatic life. Those with a variety of skills and talents are encouraged to apply.

Scholarships vary from 5% up to 50% concession in fees, whether as a boarder or day pupil.  Please note - a 50% concession on annual fees is the absolute maximum scholarship available and this level is very exceptional rather than the norm. For this amount,  candidates would need to be exceptionally talented, usually in two or more areas: for example academically, in drama, sports or musically. Unfortunately we cannot offer free places.  In exceptional circumstances, means-tested bursaries may also be available but these are sometimes easier to obtain once the candidate is in the school.

A means-tested scholarship for the most academically-able Welsh children that can be worth up to 100% of fees is available: please click here for more information.

Llandovery College scholars are expected to contribute fully to the life of the school. Scholarships and exhibitions (smaller financial awards) are contractual agreements that must be kept confidential. The benefits may be withdrawn if the pupil fails to maintain their enthusiasm for and commitment to scholarship or exhibition activities.

To find out more or to apply for any scholarship, contact our marketing & admissions team on +44 (0)1550 723005 for more details and application forms.

Bursaries and discounts are also available: please click here for further information.