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Most schools state that they offer an holistic education. At Llandovery College, we believe in offering students the widest range of opportunities, activities and adventures – helping them develop new skills, hone existing talents, increase their confidence and make lifelong friends.

There is much more to education than exam success and it is our aim that your child will enjoy the widest range of opportunities possible. Within this vibrant, ‘can-do’ community, a sense of adventure and purpose is fostered as students learn to take responsibility for themselves and others, discovering unexpected talents and forging friendships, many of which will last for life.

Our thriving Combined Cadet Force and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme both have high levels of participation. Whilst enjoying such pursuits as climbing, mountain biking, gliding and canoeing, your child is acquiring the vital life skills of leadership, responsibility, consideration and endurance, qualities that will set them apart both in an increasingly competitive higher education application process and throughout their future adult lives.

The College’s extra-curricular programme is crammed with clubs, societies and pursuits as varied as dance, chess and Mandarin, whilst sports and the performing arts provide a wealth of opportunities beyond the classroom. Both within the traditional school day and into evenings and weekends, field trips and days out to the theatre, concerts and galleries, as well as exciting overseas expeditions, are balanced with simple recreational activities that expand horizons and broaden the mind. Please click here to view the Co-Curricular Programme.

During their time at Llandovery College, students will have enjoyed a wealth of academic, cultural, sporting and personal experiences. They will take away with them friendships, memories and skills that will last a lifetime and they leave not just well equipped, but ready and eager for the next challenge.

Sports Leaders Award – Level One

Available to 6th form students – Training - Tuesday and Thursday Extra Curricular Activities. Cost approx £25 (includes polo shirt). Sports Leaders UK awards and qualifications use the medium of sport to help people to learn to lead. The awards are nationally recognised leadership awards and qualifications that help people develop essential life skills such as organisation, motivation, communication and working with others. All of the awards and qualifications are practical - candidates learn by doing rather than through written work. Candidates don't need to be sports stars  - instead an interest in their chosen activity, a positive attitude and a willingness to volunteer are all that is required. Be a member of Llandovery College Sports Crew