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Llandovery College Bus Timetables

To download a copy of the bus timetables please click here.

Glangwili Bus

Pick Up   Drop Off  
Glangwili Hospital 7.35 am College 5.20 pm
Whitemill 7.45 am Halfway Inn 5.45 pm
Nantgaredig Junction 7.50 am Nantgaredig Junction 5.50 pm
Halfway Inn 7.55 am Whitemill 5.55 pm
College 8.20 am Glangwili Hospital 6.05 pm

Lampeter Bus

Pick Up   Drop Off  
Market Square Car Park 7.45 am College 5.20 pm
Esgairdawe Junction 7.55 am Llanwrda Post Office 5.25 pm
Down Home Stoves 8.05 am Down Home Stoves 5.35 pm
Llanwrda Post Office 8.15 am Esgairdawe Junction 5.45 pm
College 8.20 am Market Square Car Park 6.00 pm

Brecon Bus

Pick Up   Drop Off  
Llanfaes Roundabout 7.40 am College 5.20 pm
Sennybridge 7.50 am Halfway 5.35 pm
Halfway 8.00 am Sennybridge 5.45 pm
College 8.15 am Llanfaes Roundabout 5.55 pm

Llanelli/Ammanford Bus

Pick Up   Drop Off  
Opp Stepney Hotel (Bus Stop) 7.15 am College 5.20 pm
Crematorium roundabout 7.20 am Square & Compass A40 5.30 pm
Llangennech 7.25 am Cwmifor Junction 5.40 pm
Pont Abraham Services 7.30 am CK’s Supermarket 5.45 pm
Capel Hendre Junction 7.35 am Ffairfach 5.50 pm
Tirydail Square 7.40 am Llandybie 5.55 pm
Llandybie 7.45 am Tirydail Square 6.00 pm
Ffairfach 7.50 am Capel Hendre Junction 6.05 pm
CK’s Supermarket 7.55 am Pont Abraham Services 6.10 pm
Cwmifor Junction 8.00 am Llangennech 6.15 pm
Square & Compass A40 8.10 am Crematorium roundabout 6.20 pm
College 8.20 am Opp Stepney Hotel (Bus Stop) 6.25 pm

Important Information

  • Buses leave at 5.15 on weekdays, at 11.45am on Saturdays and at 4.20pm on Exeat Friday’s
  • In case of severe weather condition, please access our website to find out if the buses are running.
  • Please ensure all pupils are aware that seat belts must be worn at all times whilst travelling on the bus. This is a legal obligation and must be complied with.
  • School buses are billed by zone, in advance for the term.  Please contact Llandovery College Bursary Office for further information – 01550 723044.
  • If you know in advance that your child will not be on the bus on a certain day, please contact their house parent:

Tŷ Illtyd 01550 723018                                   Tŷ Catrin 01550 723022