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A Musical Overview

Years 2 and 3 will be exploring arrangements and discussing what exactly is accompaniment. The pupils will be listening to different ways in which instruments accompany a song, identify and play by ear a melodic phrase of a song. We will be working towards creating a radio jingle and a class radio show!

Sound of Music

So far Year 2 and 3 have been creating, performing and analysing short descriptive compositions that combine sound, movement and words. They have prepared and performed animal narration and mimes. They considered the speed the animal moves (tempo); how loudly/quietly it moves (dynamics); whether the animal moves in a regular pattern or unevenly (rhythm.) This term we are focusing on rhythmic patterns and developing the pupil's ability to create rhythmic patterns of their own and to perform them rhythmically using notation as support. We have listened to "Polka" by Alexander Borodin which demonstrates a continuously repeating pattern (The melody is known a 'Chopsticks.') Everyone in the class played this melody on the keyboard. Year 2and 3 were astonished when they realised that this melody was repeated twenty-three times in the piece! Hopefully they will remember the term ostinato from now on!

We are also learning a rap called "Mr Noah" and they will be performing the rap with rhythmic patterns and actions as a class performance.

Iron Age fun at Castell Henllys

Year 2 and 3 spent the day time travelling 2300 years back in time to the Iron Age Celtic Fort at Castell Henllys. We were met by some Iron Age Celts who guided us through the time machine and into their world. We thought that we were joining in as visitors, but soon found out that they wanted us for slaves! We worked hard to earn our freedom; first helping Bran to build a roundhouse (ask someone in year 2 or 3 what they used to daub the walls with; or even worse, how they washed their hands afterwards!) and learning how to make Celtic bread on the always burning cookhouse fire. The guides showed us all around their village and seemed very confused whenever we talked about things from our time; especially our food and box shaped houses. They laughed and scoffed at our warnings that the Romans would soon come to attack them. We all thought that our war shouts and charging at the fort defences was pretty impressive until we found out that the real Iron age Celts fought with no clothes on! We certainly felt more fierce when chief Arianrod painted our faces with Celtic designs and sounded the war horn. We were quite relieved when she gave us our freedom and lead us back through the time machine in time to return to school in our shiny, new minibus.