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As it is the start of a new term, year six have been finding out about their new topics and areas of study. Here is a small slice of what we’ve done this week, as well as PE, Welsh, Geography, Science and Music.


The topic for this term is the American West and we are lucky to have a shared interest with pre-prep, as they are learning about the lives of Cowboys and Native Indians. In year six, we have discussed what we think we know about this period of history and a large proportion of our information has come from Hollywood films, which aren’t always the most accurate depiction of historical events. We will now go onto establish a more accurate depiction of life at this time. The most fun we have had so far within this subject has been helping pre-prep pupils to design and make their own Indian headdresses – we made Mr Thomas a chief headdress! There was also an opportunity for both classes to use bows and arrows and we are looking forward to a traditional Native Indian cookery lesson, led by pre-prep pupils.


This week, division has been the focus of our learning; long division and turning remainders into decimals were covered and we all found this very challenging! As a group, we carried out an investigation in order to write rules of divisibility for the numbers two to ten. Hopefully, this will help us in other areas of Mathematics and it was a lot of fun to work in groups and report back to the class with our findings.


At the end of last week we began to plan a short piece of creative writing based on an extract from Rikki Tikki Tavi by R Kipling. We were asked to write the scene that led to the snake Nagiana, seeking revenge on the mongoose Rikki Tiki Tavi, who had killed her husband Nag. We were asked to include long sentences with connectives and semi-colons to add extra details in order to build suspense before the final fight. After completing our planning, writing and redrafting we are typing up final versions and hope to put together a class collection of creative writing for others to enjoy.


We are all very excited about our new topic as it means we get to go out into the local environment in order to create ephemeral pieces of art. Ephemeral art means using natural resources to make a piece of work that is non-permanent, e.g. it may rot away or a bird may take bits of it to use in the building of a nest. If the weather is fine, we’ll get to visit the beach, a forest and other areas with good natural resources.

Design Technology

The brief for this term is to design and make a fabric monster. The designs must be unique and we will have to write a biography, in the first person, for our monsters. This will give them a unique aspect that other stuffed toys may not have. In our first lesson for the term we have started to look at what similar products are already in existence.


We had a one off lesson on the Ramayana which is the story of Rama & Sita which explains why Hindus celebrate Divali. As Hindus are expected to be loyal, faithful and pure we discussed what qualities we looked for in our friends. This tied in nicely with the Warden’s story in last week’s chapel where Socrates only wanted to hear news that was useful, true and good. These qualities are very similar to our school code where we all try to be kind, decent and honest. We summarised the Ramayana story and produced a poster to show the ingredients that make a good friend. We’ve handed these over to the Warden and we hope that he displays them on his noticeboard.

A Musical Overview

Year 6: During this term we will be exploring lyrics and melody. We will look closely at how a song uses lyrics and how lyrics and melodies are used together in songs. We will identify how lyrics can be used to convey mood, attitude or to tell a story and to recognise how lyrics often have cultural, historical and social meaning. Towards the end of the unit the pupils will have a chance to compose a song to their own lyrics.