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After an exciting and productive Michelmas Term resulting is many excellent school reports, Year 5 are, once again, embarking on a new term of fun and challenging learning.

Welcome Miss Phillips and Mrs Price!

A warm welcome is extended to 2 additional staff as they join the team teaching Year 5. Miss Maria Phillips, a specialist primary-trained maths teacher will take all maths lessons and Mrs Price will assist Mrs Brazier for 6 hours a week. All staff work closely together to provide the best possible teaching within their specialist areas.

Victorian classrooms and local exploration

History lessons this term have already seen us out and about in Llandovery, exploring the library and town to discover what impact the Victorians had on the local area. We have seen the Victorian tea-rooms, checked out dates at the chapels and looked at old photos in the library. Back in the classroom, we have been developing our understanding of historical chronology, placing events within the Victorian era and continuing work on our whole-school timeline.

The environment

Science lessons this term are focusing on the environment and improving our understanding of the world around us and the impact we have on it. Lessons will continue to have a strong practical element and pupils can expect to make rain gauges, look for lichens (to assess air quality) and consider waste management issues. Every pupil will be asked to make a short presentation to the year group on an environmental issue. Cross-curricular links will be forged as we use IT for Powerpoint work and research. Science work will be linked with our previous geography topic on world weather where we looked at the water cycle. Having studied world weather in geography last term, we now move on to learn about rivers and coasts and pupils can look forward to field work on the banks of the River Tywi. Plans are also afoot for a trip to the beach - when the weather gets warmer!

Aiming high in reading and writing

Year 5 pupils have been challenged to undertake half an hour of reading every day and to record this in their prep planners. Many house points have been earned and pupils are using both the prep school and the main College library to access a wide variety of books. We have been consolidating writing skills with more advanced punctuation and different styles of writing. Eva Ibbotsen’s ‘Journey to the River Sea’ is proving immensely popular and offering up many interesting topics for discussion; we know all about collecting glass eyes as a hobby!

Teamwork and responsibility are key words this term as Year 5 continue on their school journey. We are mindful that positions of responsibility will be allocated at the end of next term and pupils are keen to impress. The Year 5 Smart Cup is fiercely contested and Pupil of the Week is always difficult to decide. Best of luck to everyone as we look forward to another exciting term at Llandovery Prep School.