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Pre-Prep Topics – Trinity 2013

This term we are studying Castles and Green plants. These themes will be incorporated into our History, Geography, Science, art and DT lessons.


This term we will focus on writing stories based on stories and fairy tales. We are extending our writing to make our own story based on ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ entitled ‘We’re going on a dragon hunt’ linked to our castles topic. . We will also be continuing work on phonics, word building and grammar.


This term we begin to revisit areas met last term. We will be:

Learning about symmetry, time durations,  learning number bonds to 10 and beyond, ordering numbers to 100 and beyond, adding and subtracting to 20, using money to add and subtract amount to £10, measuring the capacity of containers using non-standard and standard measures,  learning position words, making patterns with 2D shapes, adding and subtracting numbers using different methods.


This term we will be focusing on growing plants. We will investigate what seeds need to grow and which are the best conditions for germination. We will identify different plants around the school grounds and learn what each part of the plant is called. We will be growing different types of plants for our new garden.

History/ Geography

We are studying castles this term and will be learning about the different types of castle, how to defend them and who lived in them. We will also be looking at where they are situated and why they were built in these places.

Art/ DT

Our art and DT are influences by our topics and will include brass rubbings and leaf rubbings, designing and making a castle and shield and sketching plants.

Music/ Dance

Our music is based around our literacy theme of fairy tales and follows the story of Red Riding Hood. Dance is linked to playground games and our garden.


This term we are learning about precious books and the church.  

Welsh/ French

We continue to learn simple conversation including numbers, colours, clothing and weather.