Business as usual for College Students

Llandovery College has responded to the challenge of ensuring our pupils receive the highest level of academic education during the Coronavirus lockdown by delivering a full timetable of virtual lessons.

Students have enjoyed days that reflect their normal school timetable including Physical Education. It is business as usual at the College with the entire timetable for pupils in Years 7-13 being taught via Zoom and younger pupils given regular work on a variety of platforms.

Teaching staff are delighted to provide a continuation of their students’ education and find that delivering lessons online is manageable due to the small class sizes enjoyed at College. The education of our pupils is of paramount importance and our teachers are proud to be offering an hour by hour quality education to pupils. There are also a range of activities for creativity, relaxation and interests to further support our students’ wellbeing.

There have been many positive messages from pupils who are appreciating the engagement with their teachers and each other, whilst parents and families are also noticing the benefits of structure and purpose in the daily lives of their children. The Llandovery College Warden, Dominic Findlay, said: “As soon as the implications of Coronavirus became clear our main aim was to ensure the continuity of education for all our pupils. I am delighted at how all our community members have responded to the challenge and, from the many comments received, I know that parents are appreciating the approach we have taken. Pupils are safe and their education is not being negatively impacted.”

The College is anticipating a return to normal school life in the near future and we look forward to warmly welcoming our students back to school.