College welcomes the Bishop of St David’s

We were honoured and delighted to welcome the Right Reverend Joanna Penberthy, Bishop of St David’s to Llandovery College.

The Right Reverend Joanna Penberthy is no stranger to the College and she spent the morning meeting pupils and staff. Bishop Joanna began her visit by celebrating the Eucharist service in the chapel and her sermon was truly inspirational. Her theme was “Calling” and she spoke about the meaning of Lent, the values of truth, compassion and humility and how each individual should consider the purpose of their life and how they can make a difference in the world. Assisted by College Chaplain Tim Nelson and the Reverend Ian Aveson with contributions from pupils and superb singing by the chapel choir, it was a truly memorable service.

Bishop Joanna then had a short tour of the College. Following this she visited the Prep School meeting pupils and staff. After a brief look inside the Medical Centre and the Thomas Philips Centre, Bishop Joanna had a question and answer session with a group of Sixth Form pupils. During this time she was asked about the struggle for women to become ordained as priests as well as her own personal journey to become a Bishop. She was happy to answer these questions and others that followed.

Lunch was taken in the Great Hall, where several people engaged the Bishop in conversations about politics, education, and current affairs. The Bishop herself is inspirational, her career has been one of firsts: one of the first women to be ordained as a priest in Wales, the first female canon of St David’s and the first female Bishop of St David’s. We look forward to seeing her here again in the near future!