Forest School

Forest School

Hugely popular with pupils, Forest School continues to provide fun and exciting activities in the great outdoors. We are fortunate to have the College grounds at our disposal and the children have the freedom under appropriate supervision to play and explore, to climb trees, balance on logs, make dens and get involved in a whole host of activities that are not so readily available to children these days.

Forest School often reinforces what is learnt in the classroom and recently pupils have been learning about keeping healthy, about their bodies and specifically about human bones. The pupils studied pictures of skeletons and learnt the names of the main bones and then proceeded excitedly to create their very own woodland ‘skeletons’ during Forest School. The children collected sticks of the correct size to make skeletons with as many of the 206 bones as they could, showing particular creativity when it came to constructing the skull!

Whilst having fun outside of the classroom, pupils also learnt a range of useful skills from whittling wood to making a swing, from constructing wands to broomsticks.

The outdoor experiences would not of course be complete without making the obligatory hot chocolate to savour, roasting sweet chestnuts and toasting marshmallows.