Charity Status


As a registered charity (Charity Number:1149946) Llandovery College takes very seriously the requirement for all charities to demonstrate that their activities deliver a genuine public benefit.

The School’s general charitable objective is stated as being to: ‘promote and provide for the advancement of education’ and a broad approach is taken to achieving this goal.

Although the legislation that requires this is new, involvement by Llandovery College and its pupils in the life of its local community in the Llandovery area is longstanding. At the request of the Trustees, the College regularly monitors the activities it undertakes which deliver public benefit over and above its obligations to pupils, parents and staff. Through community usage of College facilities, Llandovery College shows the wide variety of ways that it supports the social, cultural and sporting life in its area.

The College also provides scholarships and bursaries, as well as in reducing the financial burden to the state of educating some 320 pupils who would otherwise be educated within the state sector.

Llandovery College is a significant local employer and tries, wherever possible, to source goods and services locally.

Llandovery College is a charitable company limited by guarantee: No 1148827

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