Ioan Cunningham, Director of Elite Rugby, offered WRU position

We are both saddened but at the same time very proud to announce our Director of Elite Rugby at Llandovery College, Ioan Cunningham, has been invited to join the Welsh Rugby Union in a full time position and will be taking up this post at half term in October 2021.

Ioan Cunningham has developed the outstanding Elite Rugby Programme at Llandovery College where students receive extensive rugby coaching, skills and guidance. This legacy continues to ensure the rugby offer at Llandovery College remains the best in the Country.

Llandovery College is immensely grateful for all the contributions Ioan has made during his time at College and we would like to recognise the impact he has had on, not only its rugby players, but the whole College community. The College is excited to see Ioan’s talents being recognised by such a prestigious organisation and wish him all the best in his progression to the WRU.

The Warden of Llandovery College, Dominic Findlay, said: “We wish Ioan all the very best of luck in his future career, I am certainly not surprised that the WRU has taken him into their staff as he has been outstanding for the College and all our rugby pupils and staff during the past year.”

Ioan Cunningham said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Llandovery College working alongside fantastic staff and students. It has been a privilege to play my part in the continued rugby tradition of the College and I wish the College every success in the future.”

Llandovery College has already started the recruitment process to secure another exceptional individual and we look forward to announcing Ioan’s replacement in the coming weeks.