Academic aspiration is a priority at Llandovery Prep School and the grounding our pupils receive is second to none. Excellent and wholly committed teachers in the classroom are the key to our academic success. Passionate, knowledgeable and sympathetic teaching ensures that the roots for learning are firmly embedded and that the correct habits and attitudes prevail.

Following the National Curriculum but not being bound by it allows us to foster a true love of learning in all our pupils. In our small class sizes we offer this rounded and broad curriculum with a strong emphasis on Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Competence and our pupils benefit from specialist subject teaching in English, Mathematics, Science, Sport, Music and Drama.
Early experiences in school are key to establishing and embedding a love of learning and a respect for good conduct.

In Pre-Prep a formal approach to learning is introduced within a framework of play and exploration. The building blocks of Literacy and Numeracy are secured in these early years and our pupils are encouraged to be positive about every aspect of their learning and involvement. The principles of Harmony and sustainability form an integral theme in our learning and our pupils’ interaction with Nature reinforces and expands knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom.

Outstanding early years teaching at Llandovery Prep provides a secure foundation for intellectual and social growth and the essential building blocks for a happy and successful journey through the school.
With a positive attitude to learning secured in the early years, Middle Prep develops curiosity and enthusiasms and seeks to begin pushing the boundaries of knowledge and self-assurance.

Whether it is experiencing what life was like for an Iron Age Celt; carrying out experiments in the science laboratory; getting lost in the joys of reading; creating a piece of ephemeral art with the picturesque Towy Valley as inspiration; or playing the harp in a music concert, a new confidence is forged in these important years.

Conventional learning is coupled with innovation and a growth mind-set whereby pupils are encouraged to embrace challenge and risk as important aspects of successful development. Subject specific teaching provides increased focus and specialist tuition in sport, music, science, languages and ICT begins to nurture real expertise.

Opportunities for public speaking and debating, welcoming visitors, creative performance and representing the school on the games field develop a modest and grounded confidence that typically emerges throughout the Middle Prep years, enabling pupils to adapt effectively to a variety of increasingly challenging situations and occasions.
Years 7 and 8 are included in our Prep School provision in order to provide a smoother transition into the senior College as well as to ensure a firm consolidation of progress made most significantly in Literacy and Numeracy.

The Form Teacher remains the focus of provision in the Upper Prep, providing an essential overview of academic progress as well as outstanding pastoral care. Increased specialised teaching delivered by senior school staff broadens and deepens academic interest, preparing pupils well for the rigours of secondary education.

Retaining Years 7 & 8 in the Prep School means that we can deliver 50% more Literacy and Numeracy over the course of a week with negligible impact on other disciplines: we maintain our healthy diet of Welsh, Science, French, History, Drama, Geography, IT, Music, PE, Art and so on – we even have time for Classical Studies and Latin.

Educational benefits have inspired this plan, but there are clear social advantages too. Spending two more years at the top of a school instead of two more at the bottom prolongs childhood and allows for greater social growth.

The Llandovery model – unique in Wales – allows our pupils to benefit from greater opportunities for leadership and personal growth in a secure and sensibly monitored environment, whilst managing a smooth and seamless transition into the senior College.

Forest School

The philosophy of Forest School is to encourage and inspire individuals through positive outdoor experiences in the natural environment and we are fortunate to have a fully established on-site dedicated Forest School woodland area. Our pupils benefit from their weekly sessions where we safely explore nature and the outdoors.

Whilst enjoying their time in the woods, learning how nature works and where animals live our pupils develop teamwork, social and interpersonal skills and work together to plan activities. They construct dens, make animal hotels, build swings, pick fruit for cooking, use tools and cook over a camp fire. Forest School is an ideal opportunity to embed the Principles of Harmony which are the foundations of our curriculum and to also foster an appreciation and understanding of our natural world.

Inspiring Futures

Llandovery College’s Inspiring Futures programme is designed to provide assistance with ‘futures planning’, helping our Years 7 and 8 pupils to think about their future beyond school. Specialists from a wide variety of professions visit the school and pupils meet experts and learn about the wide range of future options available to them.

The programme has a specific focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiatives which open up this world of opportunity and our team is always available to offer advice and support to pupils and their families.


Every child shines in their own individual way at Llandovery Prep School and each one brings something special to the happy community of which we are so proud.

We have an all-encompassing ethos of inclusion meaning that all pupils, whether they have a specific learning need or are More Able and Talented, will have the opportunity to engage in education in a way that suits their individual needs.

The Inclusion Department promotes whole school responsibility for the effective support of all learners within the College community and regular training enables our staff to provide appropriate challenges and opportunities for success to help pupils recognise and plan for progress.
From the moment your child arrives at our school, we take the initiative to identify and track exceptional talents and abilities, allowing them to flourish and gain confidence from an early age. If your child has a particular talent or shows exceptional potential, this is recognised and encouraged. Your child is unique and we adapt our teaching to what is best for them.

Through our small class sizes, positive relationships and passion for bringing out the best in our pupils, our More Able and Talented programme is tailored to provide the highest level of support, guidance and encouragement to maximise the potential of your child.

We aspire to provide a rich, challenging and rewarding education for the most able. Stimulating pupils through varied and challenging curricular and co-curricular activities encouraging them to try new things and develop existing interests and skills allowing them to achieve their full potential.
We provide excellence through holistic education and believe in bespoke intervention for each and every pupil with additional learning needs. We achieve this by working closely with teachers, pupils and their families to provide an excellent and fluid programme.

Members of the Inclusion Department have specialist training in working with pupils who have specific and additional learning needs. We provide specialist 1:1 sessions, small group intervention and in-class support in specific subject lessons. Additionally, we support pupils in building a repertoire of examination and revision techniques which are specific to their individual learning style.

All members of our small and caring school community are actively informed and encouraged to participate fully in removing barriers to learning and allow every child to achieve their full potential.

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