The Arts

The College has a long and proud tradition of creativity and performance, providing each pupil, regardless of age or standard, with the encouragement to break free of their own sometimes self-imposed limits and do something extraordinary. Every pupil is engaged as a means of developing imagination, expressiveness and confidence as well as for the sheer thrill and enjoyment of creating and performing.

The Performing Arts Programme at Llandovery seeks to harness and nurture the creative impulse as an important outlet for individual and collective expression. All people, and particularly the young, need avenues of exploration beyond the strictly academic, drama and music provide a rich seam of such opportunity.



Music touches our souls, shaping emotions and framing memories. At Llandovery we understand the importance of music as both an emotional stimulus and artistic discipline. Pupils are encouraged to explore self-expression and through music’s many forms are regularly exposed to quality performance be it in our weekly Chapel services or through our concert programme. A majority of pupils develop their talent through instrumental and singing lessons – performance opportunities begin with Platform Performances, leading to Eisteddfodau and finally to our remarkable Scholars’ concerts.

Ensembles form an important part of the musical experience – the College Choir has built a national reputation for excellence and has performed at Barcelona Cathedral – and embrace all musical groups from orchestras to rock bands. Music is valued in the College, and the great Welsh tradition of music-making thrives in Llandovery.


The art of drama at Llandovery is built not only on exploring self through immersion in and exposure to various performance forms but on the premise that literature, the theory of performance, direction and production, art, design, music and dance are best understood when integrated.

The resulting inter-disciplinary cooperation allows pupils greater opportunity for creative participation in whole school and ensemble productions. Stripped down however, drama at Llandovery retains the primal thrill of entertainment that lies at the heart of the unique relationship between performer and audience.




Encouraging pupils to grow creatively is the foundation of our Art Programme, heightening self-awareness and promoting individuality. The breadth and richness of the art curriculum give pupils sufficient opportunity to explore a gamut of artistic mediums.

Our pupils are provided with opportunities to study Art in lessons, clubs and in their free time. Learning is focused on providing the avenues for pupils to be creative in a supportive environment whilst learning the basic skills which can be developed for further study.