Syria and the Middle East Talk

Llandovery College warmly welcomed Jane Woodford to present to our pupils the situation in the Middle East, particularly Syria, and the history of how it has unfolded.

Jane gave our pupils a global perspective on events in the Middle East and the impact it has on our lives in the West. This complex situation was explained in a clear and understandable format discussing the Arab Spring, extremist groups, war and displaced people.

With 65.6 million people displaced in the world, 22.5 million of these are refugees of whom half are under 18 years old. Being the same age as our pupils made this a harsh reality for the audience and time was spent thinking of the situation that others around the world find themselves in.

This was a poignant moment to reflect and discuss events that happen in the wider world and it raised questions about how different governments run their countries, democracy, freedom of speech, how wars start and compassion for our fellow man.